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“Positive Presence has worked with my daughter for the last year and a half. I actually had my daughter start with Positive Presence to build her self-esteem and self-confidence. I can tell you from the beginning I knew it would not be easy as she has been through a lot and does not trust easily, but Michelle and her wonderful staff have each been able to break through the tough walls my daughter has built up in different ways.  I know my daughter has a ways to go, but as far as I am concerned, she has come so far!!! I cannot say enough about Michelle and Positive Presence! She and everyone on the team epitomize the Positive Presence brand.  I will always be appreciative of all they have done and continue to do for us as a family by working with my daughter!

Thank you Michelle for your patience!!! Love you!!!”

Sharon - Confidence Coaching

“We were very skeptical when we started with Positive Presence, it seemed almost too good to be true.  The more times we met with Michelle and her coaches, the more we realized they are as genuine and honest and as caring as they seem!”

Suzanne - Confidence Coaching


Lacey - Mentor Coaching

‘‘The Positive Presence team is fabulous to work with.  Everyone is dialed in a focused on the growth and success of the student.  They are all so kind and generous in sharing their unique knowledge, personal experience and how to be the best you can be.  Michelle, the Founder is very well connected and she truly cares about every person that comes in touch with and celebrates their achievements.  This has been an incredible experience.  Thank you for everything!”

Steph - Confidence Coaching

“Positive Presence helped my daughter get out of her shell and increased her self-esteem.  All of the coaches at Positive Presence really care about the growth of those taking the classes – they are like a family to us!  Michelle’s heart is about strengthening and building up everybody in Positive Presence and it shows in every aspect of the company.”

Megan - Confidence Coaching

“Going through Positive Presence, I have personally felt more confident about myself and my environment.  This program has surrounded me with positivity – from waking up and saying my morning affirmation, how I get dressed, how I face the day and even the people I chose to surround myself with.  I have been empowered to become a better person.  I feel as if the world is my oyster and I have the tools to follow through with my dreams – big and small!  Thank you Positive Presence!”

Maddie - Confidence Coaching

“I don’t know the words to write about our experience with this wonderful team of people. When I try, I cry. Each team member treated my daughter like they’ve known her forever. They are the most real people I have ever met. Positive, encouraging, truthful, beautiful, and real.  We will treasure this experience forever. I pray that you will always be in our lives. Thank you for everything.”

Sheila - Confidence Coaching

The Positive Presence Foundation

Positive Presence Foundation 501(c)(3) exists to help prevent teenage suicide, depression and anxiety caused by bullying and societal pressures.  We provide Student Cultural Shift Programs and initiatives within middle schools and high schools across the front range.  These programs will be designed to dramatically change the student culture at these schools and will be offered to schools free of charge (paid for by the Foundation).

In addition to the school programs instilled into the culture of every school, we will also encourage every student to apply to our various Positive Presence coaching programs.  These programs consist of our global curriculum provided in a variety of settings, whereas the student can choose the best learning method that works for them.

Students can choose from a summer camp designed to open them up as individuals and thought-leaders, an after school group academy that encourages ongoing face-to-face connection with a local mentor, or, they can choose our original coaching model through Positive Presence Global and be connected with an expert coach to work with them one-on-one.


Join Positive Presence University

Positive Presence University is a self-guided online program which helps young adults find their own personal power and confidence.  In Positive Presence University, we help all of our students become the best versions of themselves!

Invest in yourself and receive a Degree in Me™

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“Being a world-renowned Professional Ballroom Dancer, I am very aware of the power of suggestion and how self-confidence plays a role in everyone’s daily life!  I cannot say enough about Michelle Marie King and Positive Presence!  Michelle has literally ‘walked the walk’ and now is inspiring all ages of people around the world, to have a Positive Presence in every thing they do!  There is no one like Michelle and her program continues to change lives.  I would highly recommend Positive Presence to everyone I know!”

Jaki Brockman

6th Best Ballroom Dancer in the World, International Success Coach - Ballroom & Beyond

“Michelle Marie King and the entire Positive Presence team are absolutely fantastic to work with!  They are professional, compassionate, organized, experienced, loving, and get their clients results!  Their coaching program is one of the best coaching programs I have invested in! It is comprehensive, transformative, and structured in a way that allows a person to develop a solid personal presence.  The Positive Presence team helped me develop my abilities to represent myself authentically and confidently in all aspects of my life.  As a business owner and former NFL cheerleader, I know how essential it is to hire the right coaches to help me create specific results in my life.  So when I decided to take both my business and my presence to the next level, I knew I needed a program and a team that is world-class…. And that is exactly what I got with Positive Presence!  I received SO much value throughout this experience! I highly recommend going through the program!”

Michele Ariana

MBA, B.S. of Psychology, Profit Point Certified (Professional Speaker / Trainer), Certified Master Life Success Coach, Former NFL Cheerleader - Mpower Your Life

“As an image consultant and a coach for upcoming models, I focus on my client’s image.  However, I can only be successful if the girl is content with who she is and believes in herself, regardless of her looks.  Many times that doesn’t come naturally.  That’s where Michelle King and Positive Presence comes in, she brings something so unique yet so important to not only the modeling industry but young women and adults all over the world.

Building strength from within and guiding each client to a healthy heart and soul is something irreplaceable that Positive Presence offers their clients.  What is presented on the outside only comes after.  Michelle takes an understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable approach with her clients and she works with accredited professionals to help her clients to the fullest.

I’m so thankful for Michelle and Positive Presence for making my job easier and most importantly for building strong confident young adults prepared to conquer anything.”

Christina Sacha

Public Speaker, Miss Illinois 1995, Mrs. Colorado 2008 and SAG Actress - Creating the Perfect You

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