Michelle’s mission is to masterfully motivate all ages to lead a positive life and inspire others to do the same!

Michelle Marie King is the premier Confidence Coach for teenagers, young adults and young entrepreneurs across the globe.  She founded Positive Presence Global – the largest confidence coaching company in North America – and has helped people worldwide find their confidence in all aspects of their life.  Michelle’s engaging and energetic personality coupled with her ability to motivate has distinguished her as a personal development trailblazer. 

In her career as a model, philanthropist, emcee, entrepreneur, spokesperson and public speaker, Michelle has appeared on radio, television, billboards and print in over 15 different states for her community efforts and her ongoing business ventures.

As the Founder of Positive Presence Global and Co-Founder of Positive Presence Foundation – Michelle continues to get featured as a passionate visionary and THE Confidence Expert around the globe.

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“Michelle is just incredible in every single way. I had the honor of meeting her a few years ago, and since then, I have only been inspired to be a little more like her every day of my life. She is an incredible coach and has inspired so many women to not only believe in themselves but to believe that they are capable of moving mountains.

She is such a giving, kind, and hardworking woman who always finds time in her busy and crazy life to make someone else feel loved and valued. Her public speaking skills, her way of motivating everyone she comes across, and her energy – all of it truly just is incomparable to anyone I have ever met. I am blessed to call her a lifetime friend, a role model, and a truly beautiful person. We need more people like Michelle in this world. I am blessed to know a person like her.”

Serene Singh

Founder of The Serenity Project & 2019 Rhodes Scholar

“Michelle is, without question, one of the most outgoing, passionate, considerate, detail-oriented people I have ever met. Her infectious energy and enthusiasm raise her to an elite level. She cares deeply about others, takes immense pride in her work, and has a motor that just won’t quit.  I highly recommend Michelle for any opportunity!”

Paul Neuberger

Director of Recruitment - Marian University

“Michelle is an amazing person to work with and an incredible speaker and coach to listen to.  She always has a positive attitude and is quick to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.  She maintains a professional presence at all times and is one of the hardest workers I know.”

Tiffany Ross

SC Johnson

“Michelle is such a pleasure to work with!  Unusually kind, honest and genuine.  She not only did a great job as an emcee for our fundraiser, she went above and beyond!  I recommend Michelle highly to champion your cause, communicate your message or coach anyone on your team. Her purpose in life is evident – to be a positive presence!”

Tish Limpin

Event Coordinator - AMTC

“Michelle is bright, energetic, engaging and is genuinely committed to her clients, business, and the professional organizations she works with.  She has confidently assumed many leadership roles and has earned the respect and admiration of her fellow alumni at this school.  It is clear to me that this young woman has a brilliant future, one that will contribute greatly to every business and person she works with.  I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle!”

Ed Wierzbicki

Dean of Marketing - Waukesha County Technical College

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Michelle on a number of occasions during the past two years. As a very busy event planner, I have produced large-scale fundraising events and concerts featuring REO Speedwagon, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray and other national talent.  Our VIP and celebrity guests have very high expectations during our live events.  Michelle has consistently met and exceeded these very high expectations as a celebrity guest, an emcee, and a public speaker.  She is highly professional, articulate, compassionate and an incredible visionary.”

Neil Willenson

Vice President - Kapco Global


Michelle Marie King found her passion for philanthropy as part of a Youth Team in high school.  For four years, she and her cohorts toured the midwest performing assembly-style presentations about acceptance, differences, and disabilities.

With her passion for effecting positive change and her background in modeling, Michelle started consulting with nonprofits across the Midwest in her early 20’s on incorporating fashion into their philanthropic efforts to appeal to a larger demographic.  Over the course of five years, Michelle helped thousands of nonprofits fundraise millions of dollars for positive causes coining the term – Positivity Activist!

Michelle and Shaylee Holland co-founded Positive Presence Foundation – Positive Presence Global’s nonprofit arm – as a platform to help mitigate the teenage mental health crisis and eradicate the suicide epidemic amongst the iGeneration.


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It is Michelle’s sincere intent to deliver exceptional and expert services AT ALL TIMES and epitomize the very presence she implores in others.  To keep abreast of her interactions with her clients, families, communities, and partners – she is constantly inquiring about their experience.  Read testimonials and endorsements here.

From international runways to national conference stages and billboards to tradeshows – Michelle has experience in almost every aspect of the modeling, fashion and public speaking arenas.  She believes her calling is to positively impact as many people as possible and loves putting herself in front of large-scale audiences to make a message heard!  These are just a couple examples of Michelle’s vast experience!

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