Our Mission – Enrich | Empower | Inspire

ENRICH our students

EMPOWER every young adult with necessary knowledge to combat societies stress

INSPIRE the next generation to eradicate insignificance

Our Culture

Positive Presence has been built on a foundation of integrity, honesty and most importantly, a positive spirit in everything we do. We are at a time in our society where we need as much light as we can get, and it is our purpose to help the next generation find that light!

We take immense pride in our responsibility to make a difference and provide much needed education on some of the most important life skills a teenager needs in today’s society.  It is our mission to create programs that help eradicate negative self-esteem, low self-confidence, negative body image and insignificance amongst our youth.

Since our inception, we have been recognized as ‘one of the most innovate life coaching companies of our time’ – an accolade we don’t take lightly.  We strive to use this recognition for the greater good of our students, our partners, our community and the world. It is our greatest honor to be leading this legacy of change that we call Positive Presence!


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Positive Presence University is a self-guided online program which helps young adults find their own personal power and confidence.  In Positive Presence University, we help all of our students become the best versions of themselves!

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